Termite Control in North Georgia

Termites are a scourge to any building and can quickly cause widespread damage if they’re not completely eliminated from the premises. As termite experts, The Terminator Pest Control Service focuses on identifying the scope of your termite infestation, eliminating these pests and making sure they’re not able to return.


Termite Identification

The first step in termite control in NORTH GEORGIA is identifying the problem. This means looking for signs of termites in your home, qualifying them and figuring out where they’re coming from or how they’re getting into your home or business. We do a thorough inspection to figure out what type of termite is present, what the extent of the infestation is and what the right approach to dealing with it is.


  • Trim greenery away from the foundation of the building.
  • Seal all cracks and holes in your building’s foundation.
  • Remove lumber, tree stumps and other kinds of loose wood from your property.
  • Fix leaks and eliminate standing water near your home.
  • Keep gutters and downspouts free of accumulated leaves and debris.

Termite Remediation & Prevention

Once we understand what we’re dealing with, our team gets to work eradicating termites from your property. Using proven products like Termidor, we’re able to effectively get rid of different types of termites, to ensure the entire colony is dealt with—not just the swarmer you can see! We apply an effective termite treatment in NORTH GEORGIA wherever the opportunity for termites exists, such as removing cellulose materials from crawl areas, installing vapor barriers, and improving ventilation. By correcting these conducive conditions, we can help prevent termite infestations from ever taking root!

We also work to prevent termites from coming back once we’ve eliminated them. Through integrated pest management approaches, we’re able to mitigate the factors leading to termites, such as by removing rotted wood, preventing water saturation near foundations, sealing cracks in flooring and more. By keeping them out, we prevent termite infestations from ever taking root!

Get Rid of Termites for Good

Ready to say goodbye to your termite issue once and for all? Put down the store-bought pest control products and pick up the phone to call The Terminator Pest Control Service. We’ll figure out what the extent of the damage is, resolve the problem and protect you from future termite infestations. Contact us today at 706-632-2807.

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